What is ECUFPA?

ECUFPA is a registered non-profit company (Reg. No.: 2012/109394/08) and registered non-profit organisation (Reg. No.: 190-777 NPO – Click here for a copy of the certificate) which is governed by a Board of Directors and management control is by an Executive Committee (Click Here to download a copy of the ECUFPA Rules to the MOI), which is run by a permanent staff in its Stutterheim-based provincial office and represented in each region by a registered FPA which in turn is made up of active members.


To promote an efficient system that supports the activities of fire protection associations in the execution of their duties as set out in section 5 of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act and is consistent with the provisions of this Act, the Disaster Management Act, and other relevant legislation.  Our purpose is to work cooperatively with all governments, corporate and community organizations for the continuous improvement in standards, legislation, education, products and services.


ECUFPA aims, through excellence in education and representation, to promote the protection of life, assets and the environment from veld & forest fire, inclusive of other related emergencies.


The values that guide us are: 

Integrity – behaving ethically, acting with loyalty and honesty, and being prepared to express our views.

Independence – being prepared to establish alliances, build trust and foster cooperation without showing favour.

Professionalism – an ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement in the delivery of quality fire protection services and standards


  • Representative Membership – To maintain a broad membership base which is accurately representative of the fire safety community, in order to provide the resources to build awareness of the association so that the ECUFPA can achieve its other goals.

  • Member Services – To be the primary source of fire protection information and advice that is of benefit to ECUFPA members, the veld & forest fire safety industry and the wider community. 

  • Continual Improvement in Fire Education – To support and contribute to the continuing development of national competencies and training packages to meet legislative requirements and to improve the effectiveness of those employed in veld & forest fire safety and protection

  • Influence Decision Makers – To take a leading role in influencing all bodies whose decision-making processes affect fire safety. 

  • Support for Corporate Members – To support corporate members and their businesses through networking with governments, trade Organisations, international fire protection associations and related bodies, to promote South African fire safety standards, services and expertise to a global audience. 

  • Communication of the Fire Safety Message – To be a successful and vital link in communicating the fire safety message to our members, to the fire safety industry, to other businesses and industry, and to the wider community.


  • weather data collection for improvements to the predictions from the NFDRS [National Fire Danger Rating System], and collection and dissemination of other relevant data and information 
  • appointment of Provincial Operations Manager, incl. aerial operations responsibility
  • strategic policy and planning for the common area administered by several FPAs,
  • liaison and co-ordination with the provincial and local disaster management centres
  • communicating fire danger ratings to FPAs and others 


The ECUFPA Operations Committee (Opco) has been established to ensure a coordinated approach to fire risk management in respect of aerial and ground operations throughout the Province, in turn ensuring FPA’s achieve common standards with regard to overall aerial and ground operations –  awareness, training, prevention and control – in line with the aims mentioned above.  The Operations Committee will work closely with provincial and local government structures, as well as other fire related service providers and stakeholders.  

Opco will be represented by one of its members per District Municipality on the ECUFPA Executive Committee to ensure integration of Opco into the Executive Committee.