ECUFPA and the SA ICS WORKGROUP, in con-junction with the US FOREST SERVICE and USAID, are pleased to announce that there will be numerous ICS Courses offered in South Africa, during the months of October and November 2016.

If there are any Law Enforcement Officers \ Personnel that may be interested in the courses offered, PLEASE contact the office as soon as possible, as there is vetting that needs to be done and completed.

Please also contact the office as soon as possible if you have no prior ICS Training and you are interested in the DIVISION \ GROUP SUPERVISOR course, as the completion of ICS I-100 to I-300 is a pre-requisite.

 The Office can be contacted on: 043 683 2659 or you can send an email to:

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The Eastern Cape Umbrella Fire Protection Association was initially established to provide aerial fire-fighting support service to the forestry industry in EC.  As ECUFPA, in conjunction with other Fire Protection Associations, grew, it became recognized in terms of the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 as the provincial Umbrella Fire Protection Association to facilitate local / regional FPA participation in the management of fire and related risks within the Eastern Cape.

ECUFPA, together with all EC registered FPA’S, and other fire agencies strive to serve and safeguard the public and protect the property and resources of rural EC.  ECUFPA is the voice of veld & forest fire protection in the E Cape – for the benefit of the broader community

Vision: ECUFPA aims, through excellence in education and representation, to promote the protection of life, assets and the environment from veld & forest fire, inclusive of other related emergencies.

Mission: To promote an efficient fire management system that supports the activities of fire protection associations (and their respective members) in the execution of their duties as set out in section 5 of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act and is consistent with the provisions of this Act, the Disaster Management Act, and other relevant legislation.  Our purpose is to work cooperatively with all government departments, corporate and community organizations for the continuous improvement in veld and forest fire standards, legislation, education, products and services.

YOUR LOCAL FPA:  Fire Protection Associations

 The majority of the Eastern Cape local Fire Protection Associations’ are affiliated to ECUFPA and are responsible for the co-ordination and management of rural fire activities undertaken within the boundaries of the various local Municipalities of the Eastern Cape.  These FPA’s were established in accordance with the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998.  The FPAs’ were formed to allow its participants / members to enhance effective fire prevention, protection, suppression and other fire control measures within the respective areas at risk from uncontrolled fires, for the good of the local community in general. The Local FPAs’ are responsible for ensuring facilities and resources are available for the reduction, readiness, response and recovery from any forest or rural veld fire incident.

Over the past few years these areas’ have had an increase in rural subdivision for lifestyle / residential development / land reform, all of which has resulted in a change of the demographics and capabilities of the traditional farming base. The rural population is reducing to an extent and an increasing number of people are finding employment off farm. This is making it increasingly difficult for fire services (local government as well as private entities) to respond to incidents within a satisfactory timeframe in order to provide the highest level of protection to the community.  Generally response to fire incidents is made by the commercial timber growers as well as commercial farmers in the area, with very little assistance being offered at present from the district / local municipal fire service.

FPAs’ are funded primarily from membership subscriptions.