Aerial Resources in the Eastern Cape


Currently the situation with regard to aerial resources in the province is as follows:


Winter fire season – June to October

Contracted Resources:

 PG Bison 1 x Huey Helicopter  Ugie 
  1 x Spotter Plane Ugie


Contracted Pool Resources:

 1 x Huey Helicopter Ugie 
 1 x Spotter Plane



The above aircraft are contracted to the above companies by ECUFPA.            


General information on aircraft

Helicopters are initial attack equipment, and are extremely effective when used in this role. The main purpose in aerial fire fighting, is to get to the fire as soon as possible and then, to hit hard, with all means at your disposal, in order to get the fire under control in the shortest possible time.  It is therefore recommended, that the fire boss call the helicopters at a very early stage of the fire, before the fire gets out of control.

The primary task of the spotter aircraft is to coordinate the aerial attack at a fire.  The spotter plane can also be utilised to advise the ground crews and fire boss on the strategy with regard to the fire fighting operation.  It can be called upon to patrol an area for the early detection of fires or to ensure a flare up is detected quickly. In terms of safety on the fire line a spotter plane is a very useful tool. 

All calls for aircraft, other than contracted companies, must be directed to Thinus Botha at 082 9228 637 or 043 683 2659.