ECUFPA currently has three levels of membership for Fire Protection Associations (FPAs). These levels of FPA membership and the benefits of each membership level, are as follows:


Limited FPA Membership

(No Fee – Signed Consent Form ONLY)

  • Limited representation and feedback from ECUFPA
  • Assistance to new FPAs


Basic FPA Membership

(Annual Fee payable – please contact the ECUFPA Office for further details)

  • Representation on Provincial Level
  • Assistance with membership of state owned land and SOEs
  • Advice and Assistance limited
  • FPA Legal Admin \ Submit Documents – DAFF
  • Limited consultation and advice
  • Daily Weather Forecast during fire season
  • Includes permission to distribute the above to private FPA Members
  • Assistance and representation at State owned land and SOEs – e.g. Wayleave Applications
  • ECUFPA will attend one FPA meeting per annum if invited and depending on availability


Full FPA Membership

(Annual Fee Payable – please contact the ECUFPA Office for further details)

  • Access to Vital Fire Weather for the FPA
  • Access to Weather History
  • Referral fee paid to FPAs upon referring Companies for Value Added Services
  • Access Members section on website and other ECUFPA Tools
  • Access to ECUFPA’s SOPs
  • Assist with Members mapping – Database – Free Basic Mapping including CarryMap
  • Representation on all levels – e.g. National Forum
  • FPA Management support
  • Assistance with FPA Compliance to the NVFFA
  • FPA Legal Admin \ Submission and follow-up of documentation to DAFF
  • Limited Legal Advice and assistance
  • Minimum of 5% discount on Equipment purchased via ECUFPA
  • ECUFPA will attend FPA meetings if invited and depending on availability
  • Minimum of 30% discount on all training courses offered by ECUFPA
  • Assistance with “High Fire Danger” road signs on major routes where possible and allowable
  • Fire Management Assistance (Incident Management System) during major fires – Cost Recovery of expenses


In addition to the above FPA Membership levels, ECUFPA can offer other Value Added Services, both to FPAs and organisations or companies, who would like to affiliate to us for these services. If you would like further information on this, please contact our offices on:

Telephone: 043 683 2659



ECUFPA FPA Membership & Affiliate Membership – Application Forms

ECUFPA FPA Membership Application Form – Adobe .pdf

ECUFPA Affiliate Membership Application Form (for Organisations \ Individuals) – Adobe .pdf

Membership Application Forms – ANNEXURE 1 – Adobe .pdf

ECUFPA FPA Membership & Value Added Services – Adobe .pdf