The key operational focus of the UFPA is to ensure a coordinated approach to fire risk and integrated fire management practices in respect of aerial and ground operations throughout a Province, in turn ensuring local or regional FPA’s achieve common standards with regard to overall aerial and ground operations, awareness, training, fire prevention, fire suppression and fire control.  The UFPA’s work closely with provincial and local government structures, as well as other fire related service providers and stakeholders to ensure achievement of best practice and effective utilisation of all wildfire related resources available

Duties that may be performed by an UFPA may include:

Ø  strategic policy and planning for the common area administered by several FPAs, e.g. for

o   prescribed burning,

o   common standards,

o   common rules,

o   joint fire preparedness and response plans, and

o   the protection of common assets

Ø  liaison and co-ordination with the provincial and local disaster management centres

Ø  communicating fire danger ratings to FPA’s and other stakeholders

Ø  weather data collection for improvements to the predictions from the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) and collection and dissemination of other relevant data and information

Ø  providing input data for fire danger ratings on behalf of its FPA’s, such a veld curing information

Ø  communication to FPA’s and the public regarding veldfire management in the area

Ø  supply of fire incident command specialists, for  support and co-ordination between FPAs and other fire fighting agencies in escalating fire conditions

Ø  management and maintenance of aerial support services

Ø  co-ordination functions, (e.g. co-ordination of equipment and other resources between individual FPA’s)

Ø  helping new FPA’s to be established in the area covered by the umbrella organisation, in cases where FPA’s are still needed


Sarah Baartman East FPA General Meeting 

There will be a Sarah Baartman East General Meeting: 

Date: 21 July 2016

Time: 11:00

Venue: Alexandria Golf Club

Contact Brent McNamara 084 819 0291 or Hein Niemand 082 864 7278 for more information

Follow this link to view the invitation.