Article 14: Are you and / or have you been compliant in terms of the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101, 1998?

Fire Season Preparation:  Yes   No 
 1. Have you completed all fire break burning in accordance with FPA  rules & regulations, and more specifically around the boundaries of your  rural / farm property    
 2. Did you burn / clear (bare earth) your fire breaks?    
 3. Have all persons involved with the burning of fire breaks and  prescribed burning received certified training?    
 4. Have you as an employer provided personal protective clothing to all  person involved with firefighting and / or prescribed burning?    
 5. Do you believe you have reasonable equipment on your property to  suppress and / or try to stop the spread of fire?    
 6. Do you meet the firefighting recommended equipment standards as  set out by your local FPA?    
 7. Did you phone your local FPA to obtain permission to burn on any  particular day?    
 8. Did you know the Fire Danger Index on the day you undertook  burning operations?    
 9. Did you notify your neighbours that you were burning on any  particular day?    
 10. Did you make arrangements with your neighbours to burn fire  breaks jointly on the common boundary?    

A NO answer to any of the above questions could mean you are non-compliant in terms of the law.